Circa 1925...

...this narrative is based upon the document, "A Brief History of the Ferndale Gospel Hall", written by Mrs. Lois Larson on 08/28/1995, who now resides in the north of Ohio....

A group of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ first started to meet in Ferndale in 1924.  They did not have building of their own.   Therefore, they met in Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey's home in Ferndale for a mid-week meeting and rented a room in the Ferndale Washington School for a Sunday School and a Sunday evening gospel meeting.  During this time, the group also continued to meet with other Christians of like doctrine who fellowshipped together at the Central Gospel Hall, Detroit, Michigan, for worship and to carry out the Lord's Supper on Sunday mornings. 

In 1925, the group decided to rent a storefront in Ferndale and began to hold all the meetings of the assembly in this location.  In the meantime, Mrs. Schuman who was in fellowship in Detroit at Central Gospel Hall, had a hall built on the property she owned at 1720 Kenton Rd. in Ferndale.  Mrs. Schuman agreed to rent the hall to the believers meeting in the storefront downtown.  The exact date is not known but we do know at some time between 1925 and 1930 the believers began to meet in this rented hall.  At this point, the hall became known as Ferndale Gospel Hall.

When Mrs. Schuman passed away, the hall was put up for sale.  The believers in Ferndale purchased it on November 9th, 1941.  In October of 1943, the assembly purchased the lot north of the hall to provide room for parking. This hall is still being used as the meeting place for the local assembly of believers today, over 80 years later.   The northern lot however is now used by an ice cream proprieter!

The number of believers in fellowship has flucuated over the years.  The original assembly of 1925 numbered 50 people.  Between 1930 and 1960 the census was between 30 and 45 Christians.  In the mid 1970's, the population peaked at around 60.  From then until now it has declined but we still carry on as the Lord leads and guides by His Spirit.  It is only "until He come!" May we be found faithful and good stewards of that which He has given unto us.  Maranatha!

Order of Meetings


The Lord's Supper                 10:00am
 Sunday School  &
 Adult Bible Class       
 Gospel Meeting           11:45am


Prayer & Bible Study                     7:30pm